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Launa Bacon is a CASP certified and USPAP compliant art appraiser and Associate Member of the Appraisal Institute of America, specializing in modern and contemporary art.  Specialized appraisals may be used for Insurance coverage and inventory, non-cash charitable contribution (donation), state tax and stepped-up basis, estate planning, gift tax, art financing (collateral), diminution in value and insurance claims, legal disputes, equitable distribution and dissolution of marriage, bankruptcy or sale advisory.



Collecting art should be a fun and rewarding experience.  Today's art world, however, is complex, global, and fast-moving, making it hard for a non-professional to keep pace.  As an art advisor, my role is to help a collector navigate this world, to find works of art that bring joy to their homes and are smart investments as well.  I provide one-on-one art advisory and art brokerage services to a diverse range of art collectors, from new to experienced collectors.  

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