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The investigation of the relationships that occur between environmental ethics, gender issues and animal welfare motivate my practice.  What results from this research are zoomorphic, feminist creatures in utopias, dystopias, and ecotopian landscapes.


MFA Goldsmiths College, University of London
BA Skidmore College, New York



2016 Public Art Preconference Scholarship, Americans for the Arts, Boston, Massachusetts

2013  Fellowship, Jentel Artist Residency, Banner, Wyoming
2013  Artist-in-Residence, Spark Box Studios, Picton, Ontario, Canada

2011  Artist-in-Residence, Venice Printmaking Studio, Venice, Italy

2011  Artist-in-Residence, Inside Zone Residency, Borsec, Transylvania, Romania

2007  Artist-in-Residence, The 5th Collective, London, United Kingdom

2005  Visiting Artist, Alte Wiede-Fabrk, Munich, Germany
2004  Art in Motion Project Grant, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
1997  Sachs Award, Research Grant, Skidmore College, New York
1997  Periclean Scholar Award, Skidmore College, New York
1997  Art Historian Award, Skidmore College, New York


Solo Projects and Exhibitions

2018 Brethren Gallery, New York, NY

2017 The Day Disco Died, Bear Hug Project, Omaha, NE

2015  Temporal Instability / new work by Launa Bacon, Sweatshop, Omaha, NE

2013 Cover the Silence, Picton, Ontario, Canada

2012  Divine Internvention, First Baptist Church, Pasadena, CA 

2012  St. Philipa, St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church, Pasadena, CA 

2009  You Say Basel, I Say Basil, Miami Basel, Miami, FL
2009  12 Ways for Santa Maria, Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, IT
2009  Watery Inception, Fondamenta de Ca’ Pasareo, Venice Biennale, Venice, IT
2009  Back Water Inception, S. Marcual, Venice, IT
2009  Construzione di Appartamento, Via Carmelo Lazzato, Palermo, Sicily, IT
2008  Council of Nicaea, The Continental Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2007  A Chorus of Idle Footsteps, Brompton Cemetery Chapel, London, UK
2007  Projection Project for Kareem, Egyptian Embassy, London, UK 
2007  Maratess, Royal Academy of the Arts, London, UK 
2007  Catholic Conception of Conception, Catholic Church of Canterbury, Kent, UK 
2007  You Ought to be Proud that I’m Getting Good Marks, Goldsmiths College, New Cross, UK 

2006  Utica Crib, The Continental Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2006  Most Sacred, Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord, Libanska 866/1, 3-Zizkov, Prague, CZ 

2006  Prostrate, Mercure Fryderyk Chopin, Al. Jana Pawla II, Warsaw, PL 
2006  Workers Shed, Opolska Strasse 14, Krakaw, PL 
2006  Sacred Heart, Sacre-Coeur, Scjwesterngemeinschaft, Stoftskirche Heiligenkreuz, Vienna, AT 
2006  Jesus Unsere, Rennweg 51, Vienna, AT 
2006  Pehhhst,Teri Negyvarad Teri Reformatus, Eguhazkozseg, Budapest, HU 
2006  Pehhhst II, Belikuljetek Meg as Istennel, Budapest, HU 
2006  Author and Savior, Evang.-Luth. Adventskirche, Munich, DE 
2006  12 Ways on Holiday, Mailander Strasse 1, Frankfurt, DE 
2006  Cooley Crucified, Treseburger Strasse, Berlin, DE
2006  Lady of Lourdes, Chancery of Diocese of Oakland, Lady of the Lourdes, Oakland, CA 

2006  Dolly, Mission Dolores, San Francisco, CA 
2006  St. Paula, St. Paul’s Catholic Church, San Francisco, CA 
2006  St. Dominatrix, St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, San Francisco, CA 
2006  The Actual Sister Superior, Sister Superior, Los Angeles, CA
2006  St. Margaret, St. Mark Catholic Church, Los Angeles, CA 
2006  Public Policy, City Hall, Los Angeles, CA (12 ways)2006  ArchdiosThis, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles, CA 

2005  Visiting Artist Launa Bacon, Alte Wiede-Fabrik, Munich, DE

2004  Muster, 4th and Main, Los Angeles, CA

2004  Entangled, The Continental Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2004  Voids Filled by Consumerism, 4th and Main, Los Angeles, CA

2004  Los Angeles Street, 4th and Main, Los Angeles, CA

2004  Infinitesimally Small and Villa Rica, 4th and Main, Los Angeles, CA

2004  The Dinner Party, The Continental Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (performance)

2004  Scotophobia, The Continental Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2004  Iditarod, Santa Domingo Cathedral, Cusco, Peru 

2003  Loft Dweller, 4th and Main, Los Angeles, CA (performance)

2003  Epoxy, Roark, Los Angeles, CA

2002  Launa Bacon, Paintings and Projects, Metro Gallery, Pasadena, CA

2000  Loft Warming, 786 Minna, San Francisco, CA


Selected Group Exhibitions


Reality, Museum of Alternative History, curated by Tim Guthrie, Kaneko, Omaha, NE

Coalescence, MCC Arts Faculty Exhibition, Metropolitan College Gallery of Art and Design, Omaha, NE


Losing my Edge:  New Perspectives on Abstract Figurative Painting, curated by Michael Willett, University of Monevallo, Birmingham, AL


Upset the Applecart, Art Beyond Carefully Laid Plans, Kimmel Center for the Arts, Nebraska City, NE

Greater Nebraska, Part II, LUX Center for the Arts, Lincoln, NE

Tales, Monongalia Art Center (MAC), Morgantown, WV


Caldera, Tugboat Gallery, Lincoln, NE

Uncertain States, Darger HQ, Lincoln, NE

Inaugural Exhibition, Darger HQ, Lincoln, NE

LOVE Art Fair, Toronto, Canada

Borderland - The entropy of identities, MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico, Almeria, Spain

Drought, Great Plains Art Museum, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE


Liquid Borders, International ArtExpo 2013, Bari, Italy

Anonymous Drawings 2013, Galerie Nord/Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin, DE
Postcards from the Edge, Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York, NY 

Five Offerings, Craftswoman House, part of Three Week in January by Suzanne Lacy, a Pacific Standard Time project, Los Angeles, CA
Myths of Rape, LA Art Show, part of Three Week in January by Suzanne Lacy, a Pacific Standard Time project, Los Angeles, CA 

Womyn Perform, Thomas P. Kelly Art Gallery, Loyola Marymount Universiry, Los Angeles, CA
Home Rites, Craftswoman House, Pasadena, CA
Artillery: Killer Text on Art, Video Screening, The Standard, Los Angeles, CA
Vox, Craftswoman House, Pasadena, CA
Literati, Slingshot, San Francisco, CA
Unveiled, Craftswoman House, Pasadena, CA

Temple of Flora, Slingshot, San Francisco, CA
Group Show, Slingshot, San Francisco, CA
Cutter on the Strip, Las Vegas, NV (public projection, Sister collaboration)
Elysian Park Museum of Art, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibits (LACE), Los Angeles, CA
Off the Strip, New Genres Festival, Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), Las Vegas, NV 

Seen/And or Not Seen, 2nd Annual Art Exhibition, Museum of Hyperreal Art (MOHA), Malibu, CA
TERRA-BYTE 3.0, The Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden, Arcadia, CA
Where the Girls Are, The Continental Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Group Show, Brigitte Henninger Kunsthandel, Munich, DE

Goldsmiths MFA Show, Goldsmiths College, New Cross, UK
Pure Balls, 222 Borough High Street, London, UK
2006  Zeitgenossische Positionen, Brigitte Henninger Kunsthandel, Munich, DE
Squeeze, Curated by Sandra Low, McNish Art Gallery, Oxnard College, Oxnard, CA 
Off the Map, Metro Gallery, Pasadena, CA
Unbound, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA), Los Angeles, CA
Fin, Bedlam Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Woman’s Show, 1275 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA
Group Show, Brigitte Henninger Kunsthandel, Munich, DE
Far at 4th and Main, The Continental Gallery, Foundation for the Arts, Los Angeles, CA

Accrochage, Curated by Brigitte Henninger, Andreas Binder Gallery, Munich, DE
Art in Motion VI, The University of California School of Fine Arts Sixth Annual International Festival of Time-Based Media, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA
Women’s Work, Lawrence Asher Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
35th Annual Baldwin Bonanza, Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanical Garden, Arcadia, CA
Veil-Blood-Book-Desert, Four New Symbols of Peace by Iraq and America, Selah Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Group Show, Modern Art Downtown (MAD), Los Angeles, CA
Create/Fixate, Los Angeles, CA
Autumn Nights, Curated by Lilli Muller, CalTrans, Los Angeles, CA

Rtea, David Lawrence Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA 

Breaking Ground, Selah Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 

Evolving Perceptions, The*Space, Los Angeles, CA

 Put Up or Shut Up, Track 16, Santa Monica, CA
Cardboard Lofts, Selah Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Saints and Sinners, Bedlam Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
ArtBank, Rtea, The*Space, Los Angeles, CA
Group Show, Blue Gorilla Gallery, Hollywood, CA
Nightmare on 18th Street, 18th Street Complex, Santa Monica, CA 
Self-Portraits, Bedlam Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Group Show, Squareblue Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA
Rubicund, Townhall, San Francisco, CA
Post-Gen and Friends, Black Market Gallery, Long Beach, CA
OBD Group Show, The*Space, Los Angeles, CA
Xmas at Bedlam, Bedlam Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Usual Suspects, Bedlam Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Creature Comforts, 1670 Beverly, Los Angeles, CA

Molt, Kunstlershaft, Los Angeles, CA
Uberfrau, Kunstlershaft, Los Angeles, CA

Stills, 381g, San Francisco, CA
Wall Space, Miller Durazo, Los Angeles, CA
For the Kids?, Quotidian Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Anniversary Retrospective, 381g, San Francisco, CA

Horror Show, 381g, San Francisco, CA  


Articles / Reviews / Media

Up the Staircase Quarterly, Les Femmes Folles: TALES, Featuring Lauren Rinaldi by Sally Deskins, May 8, 2015

Omaha Reader, Bringing the Bacon, by Joel Damon, February 5, 2015.

Lincoln Journal Star, Darger HQ brings International Contemporary Art to Lincoln, by L. Kent Wolgamott, August 7, 2014

So To Speak: a feminist journal of language and art, cover art, Summer 2013. 

The Boulevardiers, Mirroring Tarkovsky, May 15, 2013

12 Questions, Launa Bacon, May 13, 2013
SF Arts, Literati, February 16, 2011
FecalFace, Slingshot Gallery Opening, November 25, 2010
Arteaser, Artists as Curators:  Two Shows, Lots of Black and White, by Greenballoon, November 7, 2010
Wall Street Journal, Artist Freya Prowe’s Pop-Up Slingshot Gallery to Debut This Weekend on Valencia, November 5, 2010
Las Vegas City Life, Peripheral Vision, by Jessica Kenway, October 21, 2010
Las Vegas Sun, My Weekend in and Among the World of 'Off the Strip’, by Danielle Kelly, October 23, 2010
Laesfingedeloshielos, Marat Series, June 11th, 2010
The Mouth and the Knife, Tender Prey, by Cindy Rehm, February 2010
Museum of Hyperreal Art, Featured Artist, Launa Bacon, by V.S. Magni, November 5, 2008
Pasadena Independent, Fantasy, Fiction and Ficus, Terrabyte III Held at Arboretum, by Terry Miller, September 17, 2008
London Evening Standard, Launa Bacon: A Chorus of Idle Footsteps, August 2007
Flux, “Launa Bacon, A Chorus of Idle Footsteps, August 2007
Comment Art, Exhibition, Pure Balls, October 2007
Free Kareem Blog, Projection Project for Kareem, March 17, 2007
Daily Candy, Push It Real Good, June 2006
Peninsula, Art Scene, A Fine Line, the Art of Launa Bacon, by Laura Timbrook, Edition 2, 2005
Dart International, Beauty and Revulsion, The Art of Launa Bacon, by Craig Stephens, Winter, 2004/5

ArtDaily, Evolving Perception:  Time, Space, and The Human Body, November 6, 2004

Disinformation, Launa Bacon: Conceiving 12 Ways, by Bruna Mori, April 2004
Downtown News, Old Banker's Hours, by Kristin Friedrich, September 20, 2004 
Los Angeles Times, Spinning Her L.A. Yarn, by Dianne Haithman, May 2, 2004
Downtown News, Downtown Window Watchers; Art Initiatives to Color Empty Storefronts in the Historic Core, by Kristin Friedrich, January 19, 2004
Pasadena Independent, A Perspective on Painting and Projects, by Elizabeth Goold, vol. 7, no.9. Jan. 31-Febr. 6, 2002
The Guardian, Critic’s Choice: Stills, by Sarah Coleman, vol. 34, no. 32. April 26-May 2, 2000

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